Month: September 2018

Are vaping electronic cigarettes good for your teeth?

Sine electronic cigarettes have been introduced in the market; there has been a rapid rise in their usage. Though they have always been subject to a debate as being compared to conventional cigarettes, there have been waves of discussions about how they’re going to be received by the industry and regulatory circles. There is conflicting […]

How Knowing Your PPG Can Give You Control Over Your Diabetes

 The term ppg stands for postprandial plasma glucose. It is a measure of your level of blood sugar two hours after a meal.  Why is the test necessary? The post prandial blood sugar level measures the level of glucose in blood. Glucose, which is the main source of energy in the body is mainly derived […]

Penis Enlargement Myths Debunked

For centuries, physical appearances have always been important to both men and women, with men being particularly interested in the size of their penises. There are many aspects of the male physique that are attractive to the opposite sex and many men feel that having a longer and thicker penis will add to their overall […]