Thursday, 22 Aug 2019

Are vaping electronic cigarettes good for your teeth?

Sine electronic cigarettes have been introduced in the market; there has been a rapid rise in their usage. Though they have always been subject to a debate as being compared to conventional cigarettes, there have been waves of discussions about how they’re going to be received by the industry and regulatory circles. There is conflicting advice from several different authorities and people are confused as to whether or not vaping is in any way less harmful for your health and for your teeth as compared to smoking.

Before you seem to be intrigued by electronic cigarettes and you start using it, you should go through the customer reviews which you find at online sources like Here are few things you should know about electronic cigarettes to decide whether or not vaping is good for your teeth.

Vaping electronic cigarettes

An increasingly large number of people are nowadays making a conscious shift from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping so that they could ditch smoking once and for all. Though studies on whether or not vaping is safe is still a relatively new concept, here are few comparisons of vaping against smoking that you should take note of.

Bacteria: Nicotine and tar, both remain inside the mouth for a rather long time until you clean your mouth properly. On the contrary, vaping doesn’t produce tar or nicotine in that way and this means that much less a bacterium is produced. The main ingredients which are there inside electronic cigarettes are propylene glycol, water or even vegetable glycerin. Another final ingredient is e-liquids. None of these are known to have any adverse impact on your teeth.

Staining of teeth: What is it that makes your teeth yellow when you smoke? It is the tar and nicotine that stains your teeth. However, when you vape, it depends entirely up to you as to how much nicotine you want to include in your e-liquid. So, in case you wish to vape without the requirement of nicotine, your teeth would never stain. The lesser you intake nicotine, the lesser will be the stain on your teeth.

Bad circulation: While smoking, bacteria are the cause of bad circulation. While you vape, neither grit nor tobacco will be present and if you choose to vape with 0% nicotine, there’s no circulation that can have a damaging impact. You can fix such issues by remaining hydrated.

Therefore, now that you know the bad impact of smoking on your teeth, you should switch to vaping to reap its benefits as soon as possible.