Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020

Are You Looking After Your Health?

The world is a fast place and there’s not always time to attend to one’s health. When we’re young, of course, we generally think we’re invincible. As we get older, we should have regular health testing and check-ups.

Common Health Problems for Women

The good news is that a local women’s health clinic can provide a wide range of services to women from all backgrounds. So, what common women’s health issues do clinics like this usually deal with and manage? Consider the following:

  • Pregnancy: It’s very important as a woman to seek the support of a good health clinic that offers pregnancy services. Older women especially should have regular screening done because they are more at risk of developing issues like diabetes and hypertension during the late stages of pregnancy. Antenatal screening, blood testing, ultrasound scanning, and general examinations are all vital parts of a woman’s health. Some larger clinics will also offer rooms for natural birthing and surgical services for caesarean births.
  • Gynaecological services: Remaining on top of gynaecological health is crucial. Problems such as endometriosis, fibroids, menstrual issues, ovarian cysts and cancer, incontinence, STDs, infections, and polycystic ovary syndrome affect many women of all ages. Screening, testing, and treatment are necessary for all women and ensure that the risks of developing serious diseases and health complications are
  • Fertility: When a woman is struggling to get pregnant, it’s a good idea to see a specialist at a clinic. Some of the larger clinics offer fertility services, including fertility screening for both sexes, and IVF. This can be a very difficult time for any woman and her partner, and seeking the right health support is critical at such a time.
  • Menopause: At the end of a woman’s cycle of fertility, they will enter menopause. This can have a huge impact on their life as they deal with a sudden reduction in key hormones within their bodies. They may get hot flashes, feel lethargic all the time, experience night sweating, and be subject to mood swings. Going to a supportive health clinic is essential at this time in order to seek advice, have blood testing done, and to potentially talk about hormone replacement therapy.
  • General wellness: Women of all ages should see a doctor or specialist on a regular basis. Testing and screening technology has become quite advanced in recent years, and many conditions can be caught early on. For teenagers, it’s also important to remain up to date with their vaccinations.

Staying Healthy

Unfortunately, having a busy family life and a busy life in general means that many women are missing out on some vital health services. Although just as many men could certainly benefit from seeing health practitioners more regularly, women will often put their health visits off until another time because they become caught up in their busy daily lives.

A good health clinic can help you stay on top of your wellness. It can support you through pregnancy and beyond. It is for women of all ages.