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Two Common Signs of Dental Implant Failure

Although dental implants are becoming more and more popular, some patients who have them may not experience satisfying results. This can be caused by many factors but patients who do their homework and let an experienced oral surgeon do the procedure are more likely to have successful dental implant surgery. Surgeons will screen patients carefully […]

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Periodontal Care Gives Your Smile a Second Chance

When gum disease is in the early stages, it is not noticeable. Even reddened gums may be overlooked. However, these symptoms will progress if you ignore them. When gum disease becomes advanced, you can suffer bone or tooth loss. That is why you need to contact a periodontist to arrest this type of condition. By […]

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Dental Implants v/s Dentures: Which is Better?

Accidents, age, tooth decay, fractures… there are many reasons for tooth or teeth loss. Also, it shots a really embarrassing look when it comes to a toothless/teeth-less smile. So, to save yourself from these humiliating scenarios, you seek for a treatment. While many dental experts will suggest you to go for a dental implant, while […]

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