Dental Implants can make Life Better!

Have you witnessed the devastating impacts of tooth loss? When a toddler loses his teeth, we celebrate it with a visit from the tooth fairy. However, when an adult loses his tooth, there is no reason to celebrate as it can affect not just his oral health but also the quality of life in different ways which cannot be even imagined. If you lose your front tooth, it becomes a big concern of aesthetics compared to the tooth at the back of the mouth which can motivate you to replace the teeth with dental implants. But the open space in the back of the mouth which is left unnoticed should also receive the same treatment as your front teeth for many reasons.

Why should I replace a missing tooth?

The problem with the gap in your smile is not just a concern of aesthetics alone. Teeth replacement is necessary to protect other healthy permanent teeth and to restore lost functions. Before you decide to live with a gap in your smile, here are some reasons why dentist strongly recommends dental implants to replace a missing tooth.

Maintain a healthy jawbone:

Not only the crown of the teeth which you see above your jaw line helps to flaunt a bright smile, but its root also helps stimulate jawbone. When a tooth and its root are lost, the bone underneath will start to deteriorate which can eventually lead to loss of the jawbone and the neighbouring teeth resulting in sunken facial structures.

Protecting other permanent teeth:

Every single tooth in the mouth has its own job to do and are designed to work together smoothly when you chew.  Hence losing even one tooth will put additional stress on the remaining teeth that are never meant to handle the extra loads.

Neglecting to replace a missing tooth can lead to unbalanced bites which can, in turn, result in jaw pain, TMJ disorders, and premature dental wear.

Restore lost function:

One missing tooth can forbid you to take nutritious foods like vegetables as it hurts too much too to chew.

Why dental implants Melbourne?

So, tooth loss can change everything in your life from your capability to smile confidently, the way you feel about yourself, the way you eat and chew at ease. Dental implants are teeth replacement options which are popular all through the world for some good reasons.

Patients who deal with tooth loss are enjoying their life confidently once again with dental implants. Dental implants are premier treatment options that restore the function and appearance of the lost tooth. Implants are durable long lasting which provides natural looking and beautiful results.

Affordable dental implants cost Melbourne can make life better – how?

One of the important benefits of dental implants compared to other teeth replacement options is that they look and function like a natural tooth. The cost of dental implants Melbourne is very affordable, and it also stimulates the jawbone on preventing bone erosion. Besides, dental implants Melbourne and healthy bones together will also keep the surrounding teeth from shifting their space resulting in gaps in the mouth.