Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020

Dental Implants v/s Dentures: Which is Better?

Accidents, age, tooth decay, fractures… there are many reasons for tooth or teeth loss. Also, it shots a really embarrassing look when it comes to a toothless/teeth-less smile. So, to save yourself from these humiliating scenarios, you seek for a treatment. While many dental experts will suggest you to go for a dental implant, while some might prefer to go for a denture. It might confuse the hell out of you. So, you save yourself the time and effort, read this article to clear the fog of confusion and take a wiser step.

Dental Implants

Dental implants help in preserving the leftover jawbone and maintaining the facial structure. The plus point is, it helps you look younger than ever. Dental implants feel like natural teeth and function just like the very same. It is durable, stable and firmly (yet comfortably) attached to the jaw and it requires no creams or adhesive to fix it. It is a great aid to restore your normal chewing activity. It provides a long-lasting solution and does not require the need to be remade or relined anytime in the future.  It bears no heavy responsibility in terms of its management: it’s easy to clean and learn its maintenance. In other words, it is inexpensive, but a one-time investment that will help you for a lifetime!


Dentures, on the other hand, decrements the jawbone quality and destroys the facial structure. While dental fixture feels easy and natural, dentures feel fake and quite uncomfortable at times. Dentures are also not stable, they are prone to slip and move around as they are not attached to the jaw in any way, and hence, it requires creams or adhesive to fix it. It does not help in restoring your normal chewing activity like dental fixtures, instead, it restricts it, and hence, the user might have to avoid certain types of food. Dentures have a low shelf-life, and they have to be remade or relined quite frequently in the future. Also, when it comes to its care and maintenance, they have to be taken out regularly to clean it. Perhaps the only favourable thing to say about dentures is, they are available at low cost, but less effective.


Dentures are deemed to be the most affordable option when it comes to tooth replacement. But its care and maintenance will also compel you to buy other cleaning equipment which will add more to your cost. So if we comprehend, dentures plus its maintenance kit will cost the same as getting dental implants. Dental implants provide a big one-lifetime investment that requires no kit of any kind for its maintenance. For those who want a permanent lifetime solution for tooth replacement, dental implants are their best friend. On the other hand, dentures will require a repair in every 7-15 years, which will hence add more to the cost.

So, to conclude, when it comes to all the evaluated factors like comfort, cost, permanency and flexibility, dental implants won the race.