Thursday, 22 Aug 2019

Liposomal Vitamins And Other Drugs For Treatment By Encapsulation Therapy

The tiny bubble like vesicle that is made of similar materials like the cell membrane is often named liposome. This bubble can be filled with drugs for ailments like cancer. These membranes that are filled with drugs are often made of phospholipids and these have a head area and a tail area. The head area attracts water and the tail repels them. The liposomal vitamins are formed by the Liposomal Encapsulation Technology and consist of microscopic fat particles that are healthy. This technology is used to deliver therapeutic drugs or substances to some tissues of the body. This drug will not affect the other part of the body.

Liposomal Encapsulation Therapy

The liposomals or the vitamins are used as supplements so that it can deliver the vitamins to the body. The liposomal encapsulation technology or (LET) are used to prepare the vitamins and are effective for the body. The healthy fats and phospholipids are also found with the vitamins that are encapsulated and this process of drug delivery to the tissues of the body has become useful for the medical world as these drugs or vitamins do not affect any other parts of the body.

Enhanced efficacy of the drugs

These liposomes are used for the properties that they have and these properties help you to use this as a drug delivery process. These drugs can be toxic for the rest of the body and may also have a narrow therapeutic index. These drugs are administered to enhance efficacy and also to reduce any type of toxicity to the body. When the medication has got a narrow therapeutic index, the carrier is needed to deliver the drug. This is for the safety of the administration. The carrier may change the biodistribution of the pharmacokinetics of the drugs.

Vitamin C for the human body

The vitamin C is a well-recognized anti-oxidant of the world and this plays an important role in the immune deficiency system. This also helps the joints and arteries to heal from their respective ailments and to start functioning soon.  The liposomal vitamin C helps in assimilation of the nutrients and this way provide incredible support and health benefits to the person with ailments of joints or heart. There are various other benefits when you get to use the liposomal vitamins or the liposomes for improving health conditions of others.

Types of liposomes

There are different types of liposomes and these are multilamellar (MLV), unilamellar vesicles that are small in size (SUV) and unilamellar vesicles – large (LUV). The liposomals or drug in the liposomes is used to improve bioavailability for any target cells or tissues. The anti-cancer treatment through clinical research are done to introduce free drug and with less toxicity. These liposomes are also used to carry drugs for treating fungal infections. These drugs are used so that the organs of the central nervous systems are not affected and get less toxicity from the encapsulated drugs. These liposomes act as a vehicle for administration of drugs to certain parts of the body for proper therapy. These are done to treat parasitic infections, infections of macrophages and Leishmaniasis in their most fatal stage. The drugs can be used to treat the conditions that are generally difficult to handle. These encapsulated drugs will target the infection and can help in faster healing without hampering any other parts of the body.