Penis Enlargement Myths Debunked

For centuries, physical appearances have always been important to both men and women, with men being particularly interested in the size of their penises.

There are many aspects of the male physique that are attractive to the opposite sex and many men feel that having a longer and thicker penis will add to their overall attractiveness.

Looking more attractive to the opposite sex is something that both men and women strive for. Consider how many women undergo procedures to appear more feminine and voluptuous. From breast surgery and liposuction to lip fillers, women have been enhancing their appearances for years.

In recent years though, surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular amongst men, with many clinics now also offering treatments that are specifically designed for men.

Penis enlargement has also been a popular topic, with many men looking for ways to enhance their member’s size.

If you’re considering penis enlargement, there are a few myths that you should be aware of.

Common penis enlargement myths

Sydney’s doctor for penis enlargement injections has outlined three of the most common myths surrounding penis enlargement.

Myth 1: Vacuum pumps are a sure thing

Penis pumps draw more blood into the penis to make it erect and slightly bigger. Once the desired size has been achieved, the penis is clamped off using a ring, which prevents the blood from flowing out again. Your erection will only last as long as the ring is in place and if you keep the ring on for longer than 20 minutes, you could end up damaging the tissue within the penis. Penile fillers are a far safer and more effective way to enjoy more girth.

Myth 2: Penis weights will give me the length I’m looking for

There is no proof that stretching your penis with weights will make it longer. The weights are far more likely to cause permanent damage than any pleasing results, especially since most manufacturers of these weights encourage you to use them daily for several hours. Weights are not scientifically proven to work and they’re not deemed safe either, making them a highly dangerous and ineffective way to achieve a larger penis.

Myth 3: There is a supplement, cream or pill that will work

If you’ve recently received an email about a revolutionary new pill or saw an online ad for a new herbal formula that will increase the girth of your penis, you’re being lied to. Not only will these products waste your money but they could lead to an array of harmful side effects. Most supplements and pills use unapproved ingredients that haven’t been tested or researched. There is no miracle product out there that is going to enhance the size of your penis.

It should be noted that the vast majority of men who believe their penises are too small, actually have normal size penises to begin with. If you are unhappy with your size and girth though, rather consult with a reputable male enhancement clinic that specialises in proven and safe procedures such as penile fillers.