Replace Damaged, Colored or Missing Teeth in a Day

Nothing can be compared to having a complete set of shiny white teeth. It can be beneficial in a great number of ways. Whether it be talking with strangers, going on a romantic date for the first time or attending a job interview, your teeth make a big impression. Having missing or colored teeth can negatively impact your first impression in whichever situation you find yourself.  Regardless of the reasons why your teeth are missing, there is a solution.

Thanks to technological advancement, the world of medicine is now benefiting immensely. One of the biggest beneficiaries is the field of dentistry. This is due to the increasing popularity of cosmetic dentistry. Today, a dentist can help restore a patient’s smile and boost self-esteem within the shortest time possible.

Back in the days, dental treatments were performed on a trial and error basis. No one knew the right technique that works best. Well, the results were manageable compared to living with decayed, discolored or missing teeth but they cannot be compared to what we have in this modern world in terms of dental implants

How Long Does It Take?

Replacing a missing tooth can sometimes take forever to complete. For people who have endured weeks of treatment to get a permanent solution for missing teeth, the assumption is that it takes a significant amount of time. Thankfully, there are a lot faster techniques and procedure for replacing missing teeth. More so, this procedure is easy and stress-free. The procedure is known as teeth in a day. All you have to do is to schedule an appointment with a dentist who offers new teeth in a day service and walk out with your natural looking set of teeth.

For those who have damaged teeth, the dentist will first remove the teeth. Note that the removal process can be somewhat difficult as it involves breaking and flushing out the tooth sometimes. After the teeth removal, the next step is to prepare the dental impact that will fit perfectly into your jaw bones. This part is usually time-consuming and it requires professionalism. However, if performed by a reliable dentist it will take no less than 24 hours to complete. This means you don’t have to spend an extra day preparing for cosmetic surgery.

Fast Effective Teeth Replacement

Replacing a missing tooth is something you just have to do particularly if you are looking to restore your lost life. Nobody wants to have his or her teeth accidentally removed or broken. It is such a disgusting sight. There are some things that are just beyond human control and accidents is just one of them. Asides accidents, there are several other causes of missing teeth including gum disease and bad oral hygiene. Regardless of the reason for your missing tooth, you can have them replaced in just one day. With the new teeth in a day procedure, you will not have to worry about dental implants that deliver below expectation. Find an expert dentist who specializes in teeth in a day service and gets your missing teeth replaced fast.