Saturday, 15 Feb 2020

Top Tips for your Dog in spring

Spring is an exciting time for humans and dogs alike. Days are getting longer, the sun is beginning to bring us out of our winter slumps and we’re starting to prepare ourselves for the wonderful summer months ahead. With this new revitalised energy it’s important not to forget that these months bring about different potential hazards for your dog, and it’s important to be aware of them.

It is normal in the early days of spring for your dog to not be as energised as you remember them being at the tail end of last summer. After the long and drawn out winter months, your dog will likely be used to shorter and fewer walks, and much more lazing around indoors. It may take a little bit of time for your dog’s energy levels to pick up. Start by taking them out for shorter walks more frequently to allow sufficient rest breaks in between, and slowly re-introduce them to longer walks.

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from allergies in the springtime. Keep an eye on how they are reacting to pollen and dust, and if they are sneezing and scratching a little too much this may be a more severe allergic reaction and you may need to visit a vet for medication.

It’s more and more common during these warmer months to want to take your dog out to join you for lunch, dinner and coffee dates with friends and family. While many places have outdoor seating to accommodate for dogs, not all of them are particularly dog friendly. Check in advance that you won’t be seated too close to a main road and that the atmosphere won’t be too loud for your pet. There are always other options such as dog day care London  centres that will take your pet for the day while you can enjoy your dining alfresco without worrying!

If you have a garden that is looking a little sad after the snow, rain and frost from the bitter winter months, you may be thinking about revitalising it now the days are getting warmer. Be sure to only pick plants and flowers that are not toxic to your dog. Avoid flowers such as Azaleas, Sago palms and Rhododendrons as these are highly toxic to pets. When you are walking your dog you will also need to keep an eye on the variety of spring flowers they are sniffing or eating, the beautiful colors and smells they may be attracted to can do some real harm.

With the days warming up it’s important to keep your dog hydrated, if you are outside for a long time try and find routes for your walk with plenty of shade. Never leave your dog in a car on its own, and while it is not illegal in the UK, it is illegal to mistreat an animal in your care, and leaving an animal in a hot car could be deemed as animal neglect.

And finally, springtime is the time for one of our favorite holidays, Easter! While this is a great opportunity to be together with families, friends and enjoy sharing Easter eggs, remember chocolate is toxic for dogs. Be careful to keep all chocolate treats out of reach of your pet, even a little nibble of a chocolate bunny ear can cause them serious harm.