What are the requirements for studying in the United States?

In recent years, the number of students studying in the United States to study in the United States has increased substantially, applying for undergraduate studies (also known as 申请本科) and applying for junior high school (also known as 申请初高中). I want to study in the United States, so do you know what conditions are needed to study in the United States? I believe that many people are not very clear about this.

First, standardized test scores. To apply for a postgraduate in the United States, you must take the TOEFL or IELTS test. The TOEFL score is more adaptable in the United States. This is a language proficiency test for international students. In addition to this test, the most important thing in exam preparation is the test of knowledge ability, that is, the GRE or GMAT test that everyone is familiar with. GRE is the necessary test for applying for majors, numbers, and engineering. Only June and October are only two. For the second exam, even for students with a fairly basic English foundation, it is not easy to get the ideal score (1350-1500). It requires sufficient preparation time, good English knowledge, skills and broad knowledge. The GMAT is a necessary exam for applying for an MBA and a Master of Business. Although this exam is available every month, but also needs to have good English application skills, in the business management knowledge, experience has considerable accumulation, then you can put the GMAT exam exam score of 700 points or more. The dental profession requires DAT scores, the medical profession requires MCAT scores, and the legal profession requires LSAT scores. However, some American universities do not require GRE or GMAT scores for students applying for postgraduate studies. Of course, some institutions also offer language-free dual admissions.

Second, academic ability. Refers to the undergraduate grades of the students, especially the professional grades, so students need to pay special attention to academic performance throughout the university. The average GPA for students enrolled in a prestigious school is 3.5-3.8 on average. In addition, there are students’ research capabilities, such as research projects related to the subject, practical experience, and publication of academic papers.

Third, the heavyweight recommendation letter. It is important to recommend letters at the graduate level. The school hopes to fully understand your abilities, personality and quality through those who are familiar with you. Especially for students who apply for a doctoral degree, the recommendation letter is a very weighty material. So you need to find a persuasive, weighty person to write.

It can be said that the conditions are quite high. If you are not very confident, you can find a study agent to help. There are many American study agents (also known as 美国留学中介), but the level is different. We need to choose carefully, because not only apply for a school, but also encounter some special situations in the school after studying abroad, such as urgent transfer (also known as 紧急转学) or find an internship (also known as 找实习), you can let the study agent help.