Saturday, 15 Feb 2020

What to Look For In a Care Home

Finding the right care home for your loved one can be a difficult task. Their wellbeing is fundamental and their requirements, potentially, quite specific. As well as the facility being comfortable, it is also important that your chosen care home is able to cater to individual medical needs. Many of the elderly population require or benefit from some form of expert observation and attention, such as dementia care. Some homes will be more well-equipped than others. It is key that you understand the various options for the peace of mind that your loved one is able to enjoy the best possible home.

Firstly, you should note that there are two models of care. A care home is a residential facility that provides care for those who are either no longer able to support themselves living individually or who require more support than their current situation allows. The other model is a nursing home, which, as it sounds, offers continued access to medical staff. There are also facilities that offer specialist care for those with disabilities. Before beginning your search for a care home, you should recognise exactly what needs your loved one has, as well as their own preferences.

Secondly, when you are ready to start visiting homes, you should remember that you are looking to find a place for your loved one to live and not a hospital. The environment should be a welcoming and stimulating social space, one that you feel is safe and comfortable. So, in addition to inquiring about the right care, keep in mind factors such as outdoor spaces, room design, potential activities, and resident engagement. Each of these contributes to a higher standard quality of life. Look for entertainment options, such as books, movies, and board games. Are they organised, tidy, and considered? If not, this low quality potentially extends to the entire establishment.

When considering and visiting various care homes, engage with the staff and residents. This will offer you the best insight into the environment. Are the staff attentive and friendly, or only when prompted to be? Do the residents seem happy? Are you made to feel welcome? You might also consider looking for other factors that suggest a positive atmosphere, such as the organisation of outings and activities. Are regular trips arranged or social events put together? These will be indicative of an establishment that not only offers a place for your loved one to live but also a place where they can be happy.

Finally, you should understand that you will only be able to discern so much. Charities and regulatory organisations are constantly at work to outlines standards that should be met for care homes. Their investigatory profiles will describe in detail how your considered care home operates. For instance, the Care Homes Devon offers will be listed alongside the notes on the quality of care. Visit their respective websites to confirm that your considered care home meets their certified approval. If you are unsure, the management at the home should be forthcoming with their own reviews and certification. If this is not the case, look elsewhere.